The Eitharmos

A secretive organization dedicated to the destruction of Jharethil and other enemies of Daemoth. Through covert operations and full military action, their assassin-hunters hunt Jharethil, destroy hidden communities of the Jharric faith, assault and destroy secret cities, and seeking out dissident among the Daemothite sects. They are little known in Vinramar, except by the higher ranks of the Daemothites. Although they are a separate organization from the Etholchan church, they are closely allied with it, the Chorrom and the Oulethirim often work together. Besides the uppermost ranks of the Etholchan church, however, few members know of them.

In a ceremonial induction ritual, each eitharmos is given the Seven Wounds, tokens of divine power that grant them eternal life. Once wounded, the eitharmos never age. A disgraced member may be stripped of his wounds prior to excommunication and further punishment.

History: The seven wounds of the Eithalim imitate wounds taken by the Arch-Devil Arrochimeir in his legendary battle with the “Herald” of Cirenor, the exarch Timeanor. Timeanor fell, but as he did he inflicted seven deadly wounds onto his foe Arrochimeir; on the right side of his neck, over his heart, upon his navel, above his right elbow, in the open palm of his left hand, upon his right hip, and over his left eye. Blood coursing from these seven wounds became the Eithal, seven sacred stones arranged around the tomb of Arrochimeir in Rhuminos, symbols of potent power. The sacred wounds were carved into the flesh of each eitharmos who survived the battle, and this piety pleased Daemoth, who accepted their order as his own and endowed their wounds with sacred power. The cuts became brands sinking into flesh, never healing, but granting immortality.

The cult of the Eitharmos consists of five thousand adherents, all regulated into military ranks. Names are generally stated prior to rank. Eithalim is sometimes used as the plural of Eitharmos.

Military Ranks and Unit Names:

Novitiate(s) – stripped of any previous worldly names, an unranked person recieving the martial and religious training of the Eitharmos.

Aru (Ari) – A common soldier-assassin, having received his seven wounds

Arun – a unit of ten men, including eight Ari, one Aru’tur, and one Aru’je

Aru’tur – leads a unit of eight of these Ari

Aru’je – second to an Aru-tur

Otu’ne – leads half of an Otura, five Arun

Otu’je- leads half of an Otura, five Arun

Otura – a group of ten Arun

Otu’lesk(im) – a high commander who leads five Otura, totalling a thousand men. There are ten Otu’leskim in the cult.

Ouleithe(irim) – a council of five preist-commanders who lead the Eithalim

Non-military ranks and names:

Rite-priests – responsible for the spiritual well-being of the eithalim, each assigned to an Otura. These priests offer sacrifices before battles, and lead profane services.

Red Confessors – Torturers who believe that the screams of their victims are a prayer to Daemoth.

Witchpriests – practitioners of damnable eldritch secrets, the subjects of their infernal experiments are either the most worthy of adjerents or the most heretical of sinners.


Rhûminos- the subterranean citadel in the heart of Vinramar, filled with lesser devils and other slaves. The complex is huge, and contains portals to places all over Vinramar and the known worlds.

The Eitharmos

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