The Némelethe

A mysterious illness that is sweeping out of fey lands in Vinramar. Victims suffer from various stages of memory loss, and often die.

Symptoms vary greatly, but always begin during the victim’s sleep cycle, and always include the following:

A fever is often the first sign, ranging from mild to extreme. Extreme fevers may result in death before any memory loss has time to set in.

Progressive memory loss, which may be rapid onset, taking place in a few days, or slower onset, in which the victim may lose one memory each time he or she sleeps. Evenutally, the patient remembers nothing, not even how to care for the physical need of his or her body.

Loss of appetite, which often leads to starvation in patients with no caretaker.

Apathy, progressively more debilitating.

Weakness, progressively more debilitating.

The Némelethe

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