Strange Dreams II

Garbled, but intense dreams haunt each of you when you sleep. As before, each dream starts with the image of one of the meteors, glowing and mysterious before you…

Vash – Dreams of falling into shadows. Somewhere in an endless plane of flickering darkness, a deep voice murmurs to him, asking him something, demanding something of him, but he can’t understand the melodic language. He sees his mother’s face, beaded with sweat, twisted in despair, and he meets her eyes, but she only stares vacantly at him, not recognizing her son. Others are with her, but he cannot see them. She begins to drift away. Thinking it will somehow help him to reach her, Vash summons his shroud of shadows, and feels a surge of power as it flickers around him, enveloping him, but she floats farther away, smaller and smaller, until she is utterly lost to him.

Tobias – Dreams of standing once again in a star, a presence beside him, trying to speak, trying to tell him something in garbled words he can’t understand. He can’t move, can’t turn his head to see the figure beside him, but he can sense immense power, as of a strong light behind a thick veil. The tone is of urgency, danger, but the words vary wildly in volume, twisted by their passage through the veil. Suddenly, the star is ripped out from under him, tumbling away and down towards the world, leaving him stranded in a pressing, hungry dark. The presence is gone. Burning black tendrils ensnare him, pulling him into a teeming mass of blackness, out of any hope of light or sanity…

Ichtaca – Dreams of the worldfire again. Vivid and colorful, the ribbons of light draw him in. Strange, writhing creatures try to pass though the colors, but it sears and repels most of them. A few press through, however, falling towards the green and blue orb below. One of the threads of the worldfire forms into a whip, the same one he saw before, seeming to beckon to him, but as he reaches for it, one of the writhing creatures smashes through the tendrils of light, crashing into him with crushing force, and bearing him with it down, down… towards the distant sea below.

Lyda – Lyda dreams of the statues that stand in the front hall of her university, the three goddesses Ava, Forlortha, and Iala. The huge figures seem to come to life, and, not seeming to see her at their feet, the statues engage in an unintelligible conversation. Strange echoes fill the hall, and Lyda can’t make out any word of their booming voices, but all three radiate fear and anger, and Forlortha’s carved face is a mask of despair and hopelessness.

Adventure Log

Strange Dreams II

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