Research Notes


Now that the party has retrieved the missing research notes and has had time to examine them, they have learned that there may be a cure for the Némelethe. A fever-mad eladrin herbalist, just before his death from the illness, drew sketches and wrote descriptions of various herbs, many of whom no one recognizes. He claimed to have learned this in a vision from Forlortha, goddess of medical knowledge and patron of the eladrin. The herbs include a few the party knows, but for the others, they will need to seek out an expert.

Combining low doses of these normally toxic herbs may be a cure … or a fools errand.


*The original notes were in Losandrae, translated into Roccurrish, but the original writer claimed to be hearing and seeing this information from Forlortha in a vision, and included poorly transcribed phonetic sections from other languages that were difficult to translate.

*The Souliaydach mob operation learned that bloodroot can slow the infection by itself.

*The clinic in Athelshoth, the party learned that either vampire venom, or just being fed on by a vampire also seems to slow the infection.

*Dr Northwell’s notes added a little more detail on plants 1-6, including likely habitats and further descriptions.

*Tobias has obtained glasses that allowed him to translate the remainder of the notes.

Translations of the list of toxic plants

1.) Iljudheim (Iljerkr.) Translates to “Fenlights”, a phosphorescent bog-loving berry bush like cranberries, native to fens in Iljudheim.

2.) Norlythe (Norlythin.) “Bloodroot”, a fern with red roots native to northern mountains in Norlythe (it can be traded for, if peace is negotiated). Used as rat poison.

3.) Norlythin dialect native to Ithacol. Blue damuth, a rare flowering moss native to Ithacol.

4.) Goltaraim (Goltalaid.) Valuri bark, Valuri trees are native to Goltaraim, a local spice.

5.) Syrikhal (Syriod.) “Steppe-wheat”, a non-edible seed-bearing grass native to Syrikhal.

6.) Arrochule (Arrochulean.) “Tangle-berry vine”, a flowering jungle vine (Dr. Northwell’s note – “carnivorous”).

7.) Iltallach, (Losandrae.) The words translate as “lady’s slipper”, “hunger-bell”, and “Fireblossom”.

8.) Morvugol, (Cluthe). Illustrations for two plants; one a star-like flower called “violet star”, and the other “gossamer tree”, a tree trailing long strands of silky fiber.

9.) Salvendom, (Hallowed Tongue.) Illustration shows a clustering blue flower, called “tears of the fallen”.

10.) Abyssal Throne, (Zoroch.) Illustration shows a vein-like, brownish-red vine, called “burrow-vein.”

Research Notes

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