My House Rules

Expanded use of action points.

*Everyone gets one at the beginning of each combat encounter, that is lost if not used before the next extended rest. You can also earn them for excellent role-play, staying in-character, actions that advance the story-line, participating in the in-character email, advancing a key relationship with either PC or NPC, inventing realistic back-story elements, and general coolness. Action points earned this way do not “reset” at an extended rest, but must be used before the end of the session following when they were earned.

*Use action points to re-roll a die, to gain a bonus to any die roll, to bend the rules, to amp up a power, to jump in the way and take a hit for someone else, or to do something awesome. (Within reason.)

Critical Hits

*We will be using a custom critical hit chart. 19 is a “light critical”, which means full damage. Natural 20 merits rolling on the chart for lots more damage and potentially injury or instant death. Monsters can crit on players too, so watch out! (No instant kills on players from a monster crit, but you could get injured badly and suffer lingering consequences.)

*Some Named and recurring Enemies are immune to instant-death criticals, which will be reduced to an injury-producing crit.


A roll of natural 1 merits a roll on the critical failure chart. If you are firing a ranged weapon through the square of an ally, a critical fail always means your attack hits your ally instead of your enemy.

Story-mode combat

Sometimes, we will “story mode” an encounter instead of breaking out the maps and minis. Story logic is more important than stats in “story-mode”, so you may be able to kill a guard just by slitting his throat, but that realism goes both ways. Don’t ignore the arrow pointed in your face because you have “a high AC”. If it sounds lethal, it probably is.

Leveling Up

When you level up, your items also level up, to the highest level equal to or less than your new level.

After grappling with XP, I find I prefer to level based on story goals, paced about every 4 sessions.

Character Creation

All characters get inherent bonuses at the time of character creation.

Magic Items

I accept magic item wishlists.

My House Rules

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