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Important Campaign Vocabulary

The Némelethe

The Worldfire

Places We’ve Been

In Athelshoth, Chayrshellech:

Athelshoth Inns

Elsewhere in Chayrshellech:

Midwell Bridges

In Forteth, Trentsmund:

The Red Palace
The Great Cathedral
Atwall Towers Prison
The Yáloin Temple

In Ithacol

Avan Waystation

Groups and Organizations of Note

The Souliaydach Family
The Gumayr Family
The Silver Hand
The Mollathe Family
The Eitharmos
The Maquetl Tribe
The Yáloin
The Avans
The Ialhalil
The Starborn
The Illiantri
The Urrothic Church
The Etholchan Church
The Sylphenite Cult
The Blood-Knights
The Knights of the Silver Tree?
Tribe of the Red Arrow
The Wandering Houses
The Sayl Family

Documents of Note

Research Notes
Three Rare Books


Strange Dreams
Strange Dreams II

Main Page

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