Episode Twenty Two - The Eladrin King

Episode Twenty Two – The Eladrin King (Level 11)

The Players:

Vashvari Gahnalende – Played by Mike
Tobias Orindel – Played by Adam
Ichtaca OllĂ­n – Played by Jared
Darius Kang – Played by Arick

Plot Summary:

Now in Bullet-Points!

*As they shop and run errands in Athelshoth, Darius learns more about the starborn, Tobias learns more about the foes that plague them, and Ichtaca learns more about the Nemelethe. Vash takes the ladies shopping, enjoying himself immensely. Both Vash and Tobias notice they are being followed about town, and recognise agents of the Souliaydach and of the far more subtle eitharmos, but they don’t take action just yet.

*Chamanaltia scrys into the future for the group, trying to see the location of the family members for Ichtaca. Although the vision is hampered by Ichtaca’s fixation on the relative charms of Inalenderil and Lhora, he shares the vision with the others later, through a mind-link with Tobias. Tobias sharpens the memory, and Vash finds clues that indicate the kidnapped family members may be in the southern continent, in fey lands.

*In the aftermath of the changeling skill challenge, worried that their targets may not be alive, the Souliaydach attack, trying to capture Vash, Tobias, and Ichtaca alive, as prizes that will hopefully satisfy Mezeliar Wroth, who is about to call their bargain due at week-end on midwinters eve. The Souliaydach are all turning into mimessarchs, and not handling the change well. The heroes easily thwart the attack.

*Otheshayr island is aflame in the distance, and Anducaid cries out, terrified of what is approaching from that direction. He pulls out his warlock pact stone, an eye like that carried by the Starborn, and warns the group to flee, that the unspeakable is warning him of danger.

*Mezeliar Wroth arrives in his sick glory, floating over the ship. He makes his offer of power to Vash, who refuses again. Tobias asks him about Dythan Mathis, and Wroth seems amused, telling him that his servant has spent too much time in pursuit of his personal goals, and has been “redirected” for now. On a whim, Wroth is about to descend upon Tobias, snatching him up as a gift for Mathis, but Darius intervenes, convincing the mad exarch to take Anducaid instead. The warlock is grabbed and taken screaming away.

*The party lingers in town one more day while the ship’s cannons are being readied, then heads south, leaving Professor Jennish behind at the university as a valuable liason. They stop in motta and on an island to resupply, then reach Imsund, the beautiful white city of the eladrin nation of Telgard.

*The city is huge, spiraling up the rise of a great hill, and shining above the waves. It is also sheilded by a powerful arcane spell. Ambassador Losoran, as owner of the ship and the employer of the group, gets them into the xenophobic city.

*They meet with King Enarran Amraseth and his very pregnant Queen Linwe. The meeting is tense, as King Enarran immediately dismisses his queen, fearing Vash will taint the unborn child by his very presence. Enarran treats the non-fey with scorn, with two exceptions. Darius, in guise of an eladrin, and Carmenith, whom the King looks on with admiration and a kindling desire. The King grudgingly admits that their quest to cure the Nemelethe is of value to his people. He promises them the travel papers they need to pass freely through his realm. He keeps staring oddly at Vash, warns the group to keep their distance from the palace unless invited, then leaves the audience abruptly.

*Ambassador Losoran, along with all members of the party except Vash, are invited to a party at the palace. Vash comes along anyway, causing quite a stir among the eladrin nobles there. Ichtaca makes nice with the servants, getting himself invited into the kitchens for a good round of useful gossip. Tobias and Lyda converse with interesting persons, and Vash flickers around the periphery, being seen, then sneaking back around to eavesdrop. The heroes pick up interesting rumors, including that the King is cursed to only sire drow offspring, that his first wife died tragically in childbirth to a drow baby 23 years ago, and that Vash was said offspring, the son of Queen Inalenderil. They also hear that although Enarran’s new wife dallies often with other men, the current child-to-be has been magically confirmed as his son.

*King Enarran Amraseth is insulted by Vash’s presence, and there is almost a scene, but Carmenith calms him, and the king sweeps her off in several dances, displaying obvious interest, and revealing that he knows she is not human, but a jhareth.

*The beautiful Queen Linwe displays obvious interest in Darius’ handsome eladrin guise, and attempts to seduce him. He leaves the party with her, indulging in a tryst in the king’s own bedchambers, with his wife. After a few hours, he returns to the soiree, only to hear that the elf-queen has gone into labor.

*The heroes leave the party after an eventful night, retiring to Losoran’s townhouse estate. In the middle of the night, the king’s soldiers burst into the hall, demanding Vash. The queen has given birth to a tainted drow son, and Vash is blamed for causing this embarrassing tragedy. The child will be killed on the next day in a sacrificial barrow. Vash calms his friends, allows himself to be stripped and arrested, submitting with dignity. He’s already hatching a plan to save the infant, his helpless half-brother.

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Episode Twenty Two - The Eladrin King

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