Episode Twenty One - Leaving Ithachol

Episode Twenty One – Leaving Ithachol (Level 11)

The Players:

Tuoch – Played by Graham
Vashvari Gahnalende – Played by Mike
Tobias Orindel – Played by Adam
Ichtaca Ollín – Played by Jared
Darius Kang – Played by Arick
Chamanaltia – Played by Sarah

Plot Summary:

In the Village of Camihac, in a large lodge-house used as a town gathering place, Ichtaca is alone, admiring himself in a large mirror. Ictaca is surprised by the high-speed arrival of his friends through the mirror, bowling him over. Tobias turns and shoots the mirror behind him, cutting off the Yáloin. The sound of a gunshot draws the attention of Tuoch, Chamanaltia, and Darius, who are in the town and nearby. The party gathers in the lodge-house, going over recent events. Lyda is reunited with the others, though she was wounded. Chamanaltia heals her torn back. Icthaca and Darius have spent most of their time during the previous week in the village, who are celebrating the retreat of the storm, and the defeat of the bonewalkers. Darius enjoyed the company of the fickle twins Ichtaca spurned, and Ichtaca has been enjoying the company of various young ladies vying for his favor, in hopes of snaring him as a husband. Carmenith has been recovering in the temple above, and Cátzin has been watching over her, keeping aloof from Icthaca, whom she seems to be in love with.

As the party talks in the lodge-house, they are attacked by the eitharmos, an Aru (unit of 10) who have finally tracked them down. One runs towards the temple to rejoin with the rest of the unit (an Aru), but the party intercepts him and the others on the mountain path, again, killing all but one. That one runs into the mimessarc village below Always Falling. The party splits to search for him, Tobias and Darius catch him. Tobias gives Darius a moment alone with the fanatic soldier, watching telepathically from nearby. Darius drags him into a shop, evicts the merchant, and quietly convinces the man that he is a friend, a Daemothite from another sect, planted in the group to gather information and then kill them. He offers to bring him the drinking blade if he will fill him in on what is going on, so he can help. The soldier spills that eitharmos recruited out of Goltaraim, under Jodram Zabir Oulethe, are searching several nations for the thieves who stole the drinking blade, and that three more Aru are specifically in Ithacol, searching for the part. After learning what he could, Darius watches the man begin the ritual that will allow him to communicate with these other units, and as he chants, kills him quickly from behind.

The group explore the mimessarch community, then proceed through the caves beyond it to the upper levels, where Always Falling temple is built into the cliff. It’s beautiful, with a stunning view of the greatest waterfall in viniramar. Master Jenmai is here, enjoying his “retirement”, and he quickly assembles a team of psions and ardents to heal Carmenith. The process is difficult, and her soul is so weak that it requires them transfuse it with material from the souls of volunteers. Tobias, Vash, Ichtaca, and Darius offer themselves as donors. Carmenith is saved, but in the process, Darius learns that he has no spirit (immortal conciousness), only a soul. When he dies, Master Jenmai regretfully informs him, he will cease to exist.

The party spends a week in the temple, Carmenith weak, but slowly recovering, and everyone waiting for Professor Jennish to arrive with their new transportation; the Harlequin, the world’s first airship. Darius and Ichtaca spend much of this time in the village of Camihac, Darius enjoying his time with the twins Ichtaca spurned, and Ichtaca building on his local fame, and spending the nights in the arms of various lovers. Darius also befriends Master Jenmai, finding him a surprising fount of knowledge on the secret organization he seeks; the starborn. After learning much, Jenmai takes him to a secret, dusty vault in the Always Falling temple, and shows him a stone eye, which the starborn use for their warlock pacts with the unspeakable, a darkplane entity. Darius later returns to the vault and steals both this stone, and a strange hand-sized crystal. He doesn’t know it yet, but this crystal is a dreamshard, and the prison for a powerful entity.)

The Harlequin arrives, and the party is reunited with Professor Athelsheth Jennish, The inventor Waylin Cordell, and Professor Anducaid Ylcuroth. Meanwhile, the dreamshard Darius has stolen has been whispering to him, filling his dreams with promises. Onboard the ship, he unshrouds it, and it dominates him, then attempts to make him seek out the drinking blade, telling him that the two items belong together, should be touched together immediately. Vash intervenes, a scuffle ensues, and Ichtaca and Tobias are drawn into the struggle. A ridiculous competition between them ensues, as waves of domination radiate out from the dreamshard and each man wrestles his friends to obtain it and obey its will. Finally, they manage to get it shrouded again, and Tobias takes it into safekeeping.

They travel south to Athelshoth, to take on supplies and finish furbishing the ship. The party returns from shopping to the sound of a gunshot, and find Lyda defending Carmenith, with blood all over the floor. It seems that Darius, in the guise of Vash, has just attempted to rape Carmenith. Icthaca finds Catzin in his room, happy and apparently expecting him to join her there. Confused, he finds out that earlier, someone impersonating him perfectly approached her, confessed his love for her, and asked her to meet him. Humiliated and confused, Catzin sets out to kill the apparent culprit; Darius. To add to the confusion, someone has set the deck of the ship afire, and people are being seen in multiple places at once. Darius protests his innocence on both charges, but a confusing attack begins, with smoke-bomb wielding half-blood changelings impersonating friends and attacking people on the ship. When the smoke clears, two half-blood changelings are dead, and one is dying, giving some useful information about the starborn before he dies. The half-blood changelings are wretched things, unable to change shapes without hurting themselves, but tied to the Starborn in ways that are not yet entirely clear. Darius is exonerated, fighting for the group in a way that inspires forgiveness from those who doubted him.

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XP Summary:

Because I’m doing these from such a backlog, I’m not noting XP at this time. I will do it all at once in the last entry when I’m caught up to the present. Sorry.

Treasure Summary:

Gallister’s Dreamshard

Unspeakable Pact Stone

3 sets of impostor’s leather armor

Adventure Log

Episode Twenty One - Leaving Ithachol

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