Episode Twenty Four - The Yaloin Trap

Episode Twenty Four – The Yaloin Trap (Level 11)

The Players:

Vashvari Gahnalende – Played by Mike
Tobias Orindel – Played by Adam
Ichtaca Ollín – Played by Jared

Plot Summary:

*The Harlequin headed for the great peat bogs of southeastern Telgard, only to find the area ablaze and smoking with wildfires gone out of control. They consult Chamanaltia, hoping to learn more about their missing family members, who may be in the area. Her vision confirms that they are. They see Inalenderil, Mita, Lhora, and Quotal, all dominated, in the company of Ober Orindel, and a unit of Yaloin priests. They are interrogating a bloodline vampire outside a town with recognizable land features nearby. The vision ends with Mita slaying the vampire, ending what looked to be a fruitless torture session. Searching along the edges of the bog for a likely entry point to set out on foot to find the fenlight berry, the party now also looks for the landmarks they saw in the vision.

*They find the town, Níruin, a walled eladrin community perched on a rocky ledge overlooking the bogs, a few days travel by foot from rocky cliffs along the eastern coast of southern Telgard. The town has been seized by the Yáloin, who are lying in wait for the heroes. Mathis knows the herbs they seek, having learned much while he held them all captive in his temple near Forteth. His priests patrol the streets, and rove the field and farmlands north of the city, laying traps and setting up fortifications. The head of the mayor decorates a spike on the northern gate, along with the heads of what appear to be several vampires. The Yaloin are now going house to house searching for more vampires, but dragging out persons infected with the Nemelethe, killing them, and stacking them in piles to be burned. They are also killing the drow in the shanty-town outside the village walls, apparently simply to attract Vash, and the heroes, into their trap.

*Darius, Catzin, and Tuoch head into the woods bordering the farmlands, creating a distraction and drawing the Yaloin troops out to them. Darius impersonates Tobias, making their diversion terribly effective, but putting their small team in danger. They engage in several small skirmishes, moving fast, letting themselves be seen often, but focusing on staying mobile and drawing the Yaloin farther out.

*Lyda, Jennish, and Carmenith remain behind, defending the ship and waiting for the signal to extract either ground team.

*Tobias, Vash, and Ichtcaca infiltrate Níruin, with several goals. Firstly, they want find an herbalist who can help them find the fenlight berries, even in a burning bog. Secondly, they hope to find information on their missing family members. The vision they saw may have been in the near past or the future. Thirdly, Vash is furious about the outright butchery of the drow and the Nemelethe victims. The team plans to do what they can to help. Finally, they hope to find out what has set the Yaloin against the vampires here, and perhaps learn more about why vampires are studying Nemelethe patients like bugs under a glass. It’s a tall order.

*The trio find themselves distracted once they are in town, helping three local Avan operatives rescue groups of refugees they are protecting. Between helping the blacksmith, jeweler, and dairy-farmer gather their charges into one place, the three men find themselves going house to house, avoiding Yáloin patrols, rescuing Nemelethe victims and families locked into their homes, and directing people to meet at the blacksmith’s for evacuation. They find an herbalist, and learn from her where the fenlight berries are most likely to be in the bog, where to start looking even in the midst of wildfires there. They also learn that Inalenderil was seen in town the day before, and that she may be back. They learn that vampires have been haunting this town, watching Nemelethe victims with strange devices, which Vash recognizes as descriptions of the memnolabe he took from Sonham Berris in Imsund. The heroes save all the drow and eladrin they can, but are drawing attention, the split forces of the Yaloin converging on them as well as the distraction team.

*Things get hot for both ground teams. Tuoch telepathically assures the others that he and his team are safely into the swamp, dodging pursuers for now. Tobias, Vash, and Ichtaca call down the ship, loading more than 150 refugees onto it, and take them east, to a hidden encampment on the seaside cliffs. It’s a three days journey by foot over broken and difficult terrain, but the airship makes it in three hours. They drop off the refugees, along with all the other non-combatants the ship has been accumulating, including Losoran’s household. Then, they head back to Níruin for round two with the Yáloin. Several Avan operatives, including the blacksmith and his wife, come with them.

No In-Character E-mail this Week

Treasure Summary:

No physical treasure this time, but earning favors from the Avans is a gain.

Adventure Log

Episode Twenty Four - The Yaloin Trap

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