Episode Twenty Five - Powers Awakened

Episode Twenty Five – Powers Awakened (Level 12)

The Players:

Vashvari Gahnalende – Played by Mike
Tobias Orindel – Played by Adam
Ichtaca Ollín – Played by Jared
Darius Kang – Played by Arick

Plot Summary:

*The Harlequin returns the heroes to Níruin, intent on rescuing their kidnapped family members from the domination of Dythan Mathis.

*Darius, Tuoch, and Catzin are having trouble in the bogs, enemies pressing in on all sides, despite their stealthy maneuvering. Tuoch takes an arrow to the calf, and the Yaloin are systematically setting more fires, controlled burns to drive their prey out to them.

*On the way to help them, the airship passes over a drow hunting party, fifteen men pinned against another firebreak by the Yaloin, and about to be slaughtered. Sending the others on ahead, Vash and Carmenith drop into their midst, rallying the drow and fighting ferociously. Still, waves of reinforcements are enroute, and the smoke is choking, making the fight difficult to the extreme.

*Tobias and Ichtaca find Darius and the others, and leap into the fray. The heroes kill dozens of Yaloin, in hard-fighting through a treacherous landscape blazing with fire, and push back the overwhelming forces long enough to evacuate their team. They head back now for Vash and Carmenith.

*Vash and Carmenith are hard-pressed to keep the drow alive, slowly being pushed back against the fire. They’ve also slain dozens of the mimessarch preists, but more keep arriving , and Vash realizes that there is no way the airship will reach them in time. He, the drow, and worst of all, Carmenith, are going to die here. He reaches out into the arcane-psionic artifact, the tree in Carmenith’s mind, and he taps into that energy, amplifying a simple fey cantrip into a wave of killing fire. The fire ripples out through the wetlands in devastating rings of heat, slaying hundreds of Yaloin, buying Vash the time he desperately needs, but exacerbating the wildfires at the same time. The airship arrives. Carmenith is staggering with exhaustion, but still on her feet, wielding her daggers fiercely, and anxious to be of help.

*The airship takes them now back over Níruin, where they see Inalenderil, dominated by Mathis himself, standing on a dais in the town square, surrounded on all sides by hundreds of Yaloin troops. The priests have convened here for a rallying speech, and Mathis is rousing them up to a frothing frenzy of religious euphoria, promising riches, glory, and eternal life to anyone who can bring him his enemies, especially his “vessel” Tobias and the maid Carmenith. Around Inalenderil, acting as a bodyguard, are the other kidnapped family members, along with many tough-looking Yáloin soldier-priests. No one has seen the ship, but Mathis, in Inalenderil’s body, pauses for a moment, looking up, sensing somehow that Tobias is nearby. The group launches their surprise attack.

*Carmenith agrees again to allow her tree of power to be used, by both Vash and Tobias. Vash brings down a great cloud of darkness over the town square, muffling sound and blinding his enemies. Catzin uses her aura to grant full vision in the darkness to her allies, so long as they move with her. Ichtaca, Darius, Lyda, Catzin and Tuoch clear a pathway through the Yaloin, their weapons silent in the muffling cloud. Tobias takes the reeling Carmenith to Inalenderil, and uses the power of her soul once again, to cast Dythan Mathis from the mind of the elf woman, and to create a rippling effect that will cast out the lesser spirits dominating Quotál, Mita, and Lhora. A shockwave of blue-white energy pulses out of Carmenith, and she arches back, becoming the epicenter of increasing waves of energy, but also erupting in a column of radiance that sears through the darkness above her and pours up into the heavens. Mathis, ripped from Inalenderil’s mind, moves to dominate Carmenith, but Tobias strikes at him with that tapped power, and sends the ghostly figure screaming, flying head over heels, up along that searing column of light, and out of sight, perhaps into the worldfire itself.

*Tobias’s ring of psionic energy ripples out over the town, sweeping through minds with a force that has unintended consequences. It rips the dominating spirits from the minds of the possessed family members, but it also knocks both friend and foe to their knees, hurting them greatly and killing many of the Yáloin outright. He can feel the weakened minds of many still left in the town, eladrin suffering from the Nemelethe, dying under that onslaught, winking out like candles under a strong wind. He screams out to Lyda for help, and she now taps into Carmenith’s power, creating her own ripple of power, healing energy into the minds Tobias guides her to. Between the two of them, they manage to stop the death of several hundred innocent lives, but it is too late for more than fifty of the weakest of them.

*As Ichtaca, Darius, and Tuoch grab family members and get them on the ship, Tobias releases his spell, and Carmenith falls unconscious to the ground. Vash snatches her up, and everyone climbs back aboard the ship. Quotál is nearly left behind in the confusion, but manages to snag a drop rope at the last minute. Vash sees him, but, now under the influence of his past life, makes no effort to help Quotál, but rather dismisses his magical darkness, and ruthlessly orders the harlequin to open fire on the stunned Yáloin below. It is a slaughter.

*The ship, safely invisible again, heads back towards the Avan encampment, to rest. It is just after dawn. Professor Jennish and Tobias’s aunt and uncle, convinced that everyone could use a distraction, are making arrangements for a huge party this evening; Tobias and Lyda’s engagement party.

*Darius notices something awry, and he and Vash search the ship from top to bottom, capturing a vampire. The party now has three trussed up captives; Ober Orindel, Borelir (a plague-vampire), and a Yaloin priest.

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Treasure Summary:

Again no monetary treasure, but reputation and influence gained with allies.

Adventure Log

Episode Twenty Five - Powers Awakened

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