Contract Terms

This contract is written in Losandrae, in flowery formal language, with a translation in Roccurrish. The terms are summarized as follows:

Party to include Vashvari Gahnalende, Tobias Orindel, Ichtaca Ollin, and Lyda Jennish. Vash may hire others as he sees fit, but funds will not increase without approval.

Ambassador Losoran Anelathem

*20 gp per week for escort duty and tasks related to the Némelethe, to be divided among the group, term ending when the party parts ways with the ambassador, reasonable expenses to be covered by the ambassador. (Although not written in the contract, Losoran recommends that while the conference is still going on, you investigate this shipwreck to find the other missing researchers and hopefully their data on the Némelethe. (Volumes 1-13, presumably, since you found vol. 14)

*Payment on delivery for a viable cure for the Némelethe, to be paid by Ambassador Losoran, on delivery to him in Imsund, Telgard.

Abriannach University

*For seeking answers for the questions of the conference, Abriannach will pay 1,000 gp up front for expenses, plus payment on delivery for hard data, evidence, and other potentially useful information. Payment to be determined on delivery by the university, more will be paid if it can be delivered prior to next year’s conference. Subjects of special interest: The rise of aberrant life from the oceans, the Némelethe, the World-fire, the vanishing / falling stars, the failure of divine magic, and any data that can be found on the true nature of the gods, and of celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, and stars.

*Further payment for the referral of valuable experts on any of the above topics that can be persuaded to speak at the following year’s conference, payment on arrival of said experts.

*Funeral expenses to be covered by the university, memorial services to be held automatically in two years time if no proof of life is received prior to said time.

Professor Athelshoth Jennish (This part is scrawled across the bottom of the contract in a different hand, apparently Professor Jennish’s.)

*Don’t let anything happen to my daughter or I’ll kill you.

Contract Terms

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