Darkplane Descending

Darkplane Descending Campaign Adventure Log
Our Story Continues...

Each of the links below represents one of our weekly sessions, with a few extras added in. Enjoy, but please keep in mind that the characters, world, plot, and other details are privately owned intellectual property.

Heroic Tier

Episode One – Conference of Scholars
Episode Two – Strange Days in Athelshoth
Episode Three – Fallen Stars
Episode Four – Otheshayr Island Casino
Episode Five – Island Secrets
Episode Six – Search and Rescue
Episode Seven – Into the Kelp Bed
Episode Eight – Leaving Athelshoth
Episode Nine – The Order of the Silver Hand
Episode Ten – Train to Forteth
Episode Eleven – City of Intrigue
Episode Twelve – The Good Doctor
Episode Thirteen – In the Family
Episode Fourteen – Consecration
Episode Fifteen – Prison Break
Episode Sixteen – Breaking Point
Episode Seventeen – Battle for Forteth
Episode Eighteen – Karfallun
Episode Nineteen – The Bonewalkers
Episode Twenty – Always Falling Temple

Paragon Tier

Episode Twenty One – Leaving Ithachol
Episode Twenty Two – The Eladrin King
Episode Twenty Three – Stars Align
Episode Twenty Four – The Yaloin Trap
Episode Twenty Five – Powers Awakened
Episode Twenty Six – The Plane of Memories
Episode Twenty Seven – Temples of Morvugol
Episode Twenty Eight – Unfinished Business
Episode Twenty Nine – Pearls of the Sea Twins
Episode Thirty – Handmaiden of Hjotra
Episode Thirty One – Revikoth and The Sword Tower
Episode Thirty Two – Into the Jungle
Episode Thirty Three – The Wild Zone
Episode Thirty Four – The Slave Market of Dulunum
Episode Thirty Five – The Widow Amala
Episode Thirty Six – The Ruins of Khuharibifu
Episode Thirty Seven – Daemons and Demons
Episode Thirty Eight – Escape from the Abyssal Throne
Episode Thirty Nine – Dangerous Games
Episode Forty – Cup and Sword
Episode Forty One – Kazhma
Episode Forty Two – The Emperor’s Son
Episode Forty Three – Ichtaca and his Íxahal
Episode Forty Four – Yáloin at the Gala
Episode Forty Five – Battle for Maricuälatán
Episode Forty Six – Starlight Showdowns
Episode Forty Seven – The Machine, The Tree, and the Sacrifice

Intermission – 10 Years of Peace

Episode Forty Eight – Ichtaca’s Tale – Into the Worldfire
Episode Forty Nine – Ichtaca’s Tale – Bad Bargains
Episode Fifty – Ichtaca’s Tale – The Great Hunt
Episode Fifty One – Ichtaca’s Tale – The Sovereign Stag
Episode Fifty Two – Ichtaca’s Tale – The Gathering of Souls

Episode Fifty Three – The Devil’s Deal

Episode Fifty Four – Darius’ Tale – Bodyguards
Episode Fifty Five – Darius’ Tale – The Phantasm
Episode Fifty Six – Darius’ Tale – The Great Heist

Episode ?? – Tobias’ Tale – A Wheelchair called Desire?

Epic Tier


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